Saturday, December 29, 2007

all it took

an im conversation. TAME. one friend, outside detroit. a goth puppet, skulls, undressed babydolls, a nerdtech, a locomotive mechanic, a man in a speedo on a snowmobile, anna nicole's screentests, ed asner stretching, a woman singing down a dimly light hallway with very tall ceilings, a lump of coal, two little frogs, one paper crane, a santa shaped butt plug, an effeminate black male startling me, then teasing him, pancheros at 2am, freaking a 130 pound dog out at 3am. machine gun dreams. I, know y'all niggaz ain't fuckin wit me cuz I cant fuck wit my damn self HERE I GO!!! sprinkle me, and what's on my mind. god love 95. now i miss top authority. and murderdog.