Monday, December 31, 2007

the professor (stay away from marianne)

wrote me back! now i need to craft a reply that makes me sound much smarter than i actually am! how nice of him to challenge me, though!

Dear Andrea

The essay on The Semiotics of Hunger has I believe also appeared in the
hardcopy version of the journal, though I have not seen it. The
article only skims over the representation of the anorectic body, and
I myself would like to know more about the relationship of art and
design to how the starved body or thinness has become attractive and
culturally determined. Perhaps you can tell me more about this? What have
you been reading in Semiotics? How do you read Kafka's story? Do you know
Sander Gilman's book, Kafka: The Jewish Patient? I recommend it, though
it gives a different interpretation from mine.

With best wishes,