Friday, December 28, 2007

kafka's grand daughter

i read "A Hunger Artist" last night. talk about self-pity. is it self-righteous to compare yourself to a Kafka character, especially when so much has been written about the autobiographical slant of his fiction?

well. of what i have read (online,) it seems as though we are supposed to take this dying artist seriously. that we are meant to be affected by his ability to die for his art and empathize with the lack of fanfare for his genius or talent. part of me did, or wanted to. but in my state, part of me hated him, and was annoyed with him, for all the similarities between us.

for the everyday man, there are more important things to worry about. but which should i chose to let eat me alive? the bills or my lack of success as an artist?

i came across this while researching "A Hunger Artist". I just wrote to the editor and the author asking for a printed copy for purchase. as a new student of semantics it was very exciting to read a practical application for these new vocab words and it was also exciting to read an alternate take on the symbols in "A Hunger Artist". C'mon online world. Give Kafka a little more credit here. Forget about Gregor for a second.

Speaking of, reading some history of "Metamorphosis", i remembered a cd demo that i got (took) from State Control (whatever, no one else was going to listen. no one else is crying about it) and i looked for it this morning. Gregor Samsa. (now i know how to pronounce it too!). i realized why i liked it so much, too. the first song has almost the exact same chord progression as a Cranberries song on No Need to Argue. or at least it does in my mind.

what are the semantics of this entry?