Friday, December 12, 2008

my heart doesn't recognize the state.

toot toot

exposed to the turquoise sky,
we fell asleep under the horse's head.
(me, and the couple glued together by insecurity.)
i ignored them best i could,
as i do,
and tried not to close my eyes.
but comfortable with my ultimate failure.

new, tighter budgets and
too much rest and
not enough substance
have always threatened the lives of my loved ones.

" literary theorist Morse Peckham once suggested, the function of art is to familiarize those perceptual orientations that prepare individuals to receive information relevant to survival..." —Lumpkin, Deep Design

"If God is dead, said Ivan Karamazov, everything is permitted. The modern age, unchecked by the fear or love of God, has indeed permitted everything, has been a time of atrocities. In view of such moral chaos, Wheelis formulates a credo for modern man: 'The mood of this work is that some things are not permitted, that there are immanent standards, of man's making but not of man's design, that they are, therefore, to be discovered by not created, that though not absolute they change but slowly, that to live by them is what is meant by being human...Something draws us as by an invisible hand — not God, but the advancing edge of our being which goes before awareness.' ...a confident yet illusionless look at the progress of man's awaremenss of others — a progress that is now humanity's only hope." — Wheelis, The Moralist, 1973