Monday, November 24, 2008


not just subjective contentment.
happiness happens by chance.
and is temporary.

could suffering be a part of happiness?
yes. it is necessary.
you can't be truly happy unless you are wise.
and you can't be wise unless you have suffered.

'The good' is like the sun. You can't stare at the sun without going blind, you can't see at the sun directly, but its only by the sun's light that you see everything else. So you can't know the 'absolute good' as you can know finite definable things like justice, but it's only by that light that you can know whatever you know. The sun is not a lit object but the origin of light. And the 'absolute good' is not intelligible, not humanly knowable or definable, but it is the origin of all intelligibility, all order both physical and spiritual.