Monday, June 30, 2008

a very short introduction: post structuralizm

izm. yet another one of those plays on words that only i think is clever!
even the very short first few pages have me thinking about redefining some of my vocabulary. if no one else gets it, well, that is ok. no one really studies anyone else anyway.
(maybe that should have been a vow.)

Aristotle believed that being human was something you had to get good at through constant practice.
– Eagleton, After Theory

My guess it is a team sport, where the teams are rarely defined.
Where competition exists and accurate coaching is sporadic.
And hardly heeded.

I dreamt last night that E-40 and posse, including several young professionally dressed interns, were outside my window. I hollered down, some sort of excited squeal. The entire entourage proceeded to come up to my place. I was a bit nervous because a stray kitten I had picked up had just unexpectedly given birth and I needed to leave to get some cleaning supplies. E-40 was very kind about my predicament. He sounded exactly the same, but this time was played by a Hispanic man, without glasses.

These should be obvious:
currently reading: After Theory, AVSI: Post Structuralism, The Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture
currently hearing: E-40